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Peter Benz



/mediengang 2004

Annual Exhibition of the Media Faculty (July 2004)

After the /mediengang 2003, the Media Faculty‘s annual show of student works was considered a success, I was assigned for a repeat performance, which took place from 8 to 11 July 2004 all over Weimar, Germany.

At the end of the academic year 65 project groups representing all the research areas of the Media Faculty presented themselves and the results of their work to the public in a four day series of exhibitions, lectures and screenings. The first /mediengang in 2003 already showed a high degree of quality in the exhibition design and programme. Accordingly, the focus in 2004 lay on enhancing the communication: on the one hand the communication within the university itself, on the second hand by significantly extending the public impact.

For one semester we set up an agency-like structure that covered the fields of organisation/coordination, public relations, corporate design, film/TV, and web. Each group was supervised by staff from the respective field, creating an interdisciplinary network of students and teachers working on a show. Within three months we developed a corporate design including TV and radio commercials, set up a database-supported website, established a media network and organised a full-size programme to support the efforts of the individual project groups.

Stills from the /mediengang-TV-trailers:

/mediengang poster of 2004: