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Peter Benz



/mediengang 2003

Annual Exhibition of the Media Faculty (July 2003)

In 2003 the Media Faculty of Bauhaus-University Weimar decided to professionalise its annual exhibition of student works and to provide it with its own identity and design. On the basis of a conceptual paper approved by the faculty, I used one of my studio courses to hands-on develop and execute an event design, a basic exhibition design as well as a promotion campaign. The /mediengang 2003 was on show from 4 to 7 July 2003 all over Weimar, Germany.

Extract from the concept paper for the /mediengang 2003:
“The Media Faculty relies on ‘light’ as its central medium: most of the pieces we produce work with light; we present, we write in and we handle different forms of light, be it on screens, as projections, in installations. ‘Light’ shall therefore be the central motif of the /mediengang 2003.

As we don’t want to be stuck in dark rooms or in front of screens though, the main events of the /mediengang will be held at night. By concentrating on the dark part of the day, we can stage our ‘lights’ at any place in the city. By nature of light, we will become clearly visible in the dark.

All locations will be marked by their lighting, by its colour or form. Light will also provide orientation between the locations and within the various locations. Where there’s no light, there is nothing to see. The graphic ID for the /mediengang incorporates and enhances the ‘light’ idea and its motifs and associations.

During the /mediengang 45 project groups from all research areas  of the Media Faculty exhibit at six main locations, including daily screenings on the historic Frauenplan in Weimar’s town center.”

Impressions from Weimar town centre on opening night of /mediengang 2003: