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Peter Benz



Transit 2013

International Student Trip and Exhibition from 12 to 22 December 2014

Excerpts from student comments:
“It was my first time to be in Japan. My first impression was the warm red light I saw on the way from the airport to the hotel.” (Choi Yi-Ting)

“For my favourite place I will pick the very first chicken wings restaurant we went to. Not because of the food there, but for the people and the experience. The table manners there were so new to me. Everything was so Japanese. These new experiences really made me so excited.” (Choi Yi-Ting)

“I very appreciated the print-making [and ceramics] workshop [organised by NZU]. The basic theory and techniques are the same [as in Hong Kong], but they do it much more precisely and therefore more procedures are required. This kind of procedure really helps to improve the quality of work and to develop it in new ways.” (Yang Mei)

“Although I have been to Tokyo once before, the experience of these ten days [in Nagoya] was totally different. I “saw” much more Japanese culture, and how the Japanese live in their own way. They are so well organized and planned for everything, even the tiny details.” (Leung Chi-Kwan)

“For me the best experience was the process of setting up my own work and helping others setting up theirs for our exhibition [at Yada Gallery], as I’m new to Visual Arts, and didn’t have any exhibition experience before.” (Lee Siu-Hin)

“Toyota Municipal Museum of Art was the best place. I have never been to a museum like that in Hong Kong; I believe the museum itself is one of the artworks.” (Chu Siu-Mei)

“We cried in that last night, because we knew it would be the last time we saw our Japanese friends. But the next day morning they came to our hotel before we left for the airport. They gave us a box of chocolates with our portraits drawn onto it. I cried again that morning.” (Choi Yi-Ting)

Study trip impressions from December 2013: