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Peter Benz




Exhibition at ACC-Gallery Weimar, Germany on show from 6–20 April 2002

In his book How to Read a Film the author James Monaco poses the question whether sports could/should be understood as an art form, just like the Fine Arts, Performing Arts and others. Obviously there are parallels with drama, with performance, maybe even with literature and music. Considering the answer to that question positively, it should be possible to stage ‘Sport’ like an art exhibition.

Each room of the exhibition at ACC-Gallery in Weimar showed one specific aspect of sports: fans, doping, sports in TV and media, the human body, sports technology etc. Every room dealt differently with its topic: some displayed their theme traditionally on the wall, some worked with installations, with new media, or with interactive strategies. In the end, after the visitor experienced the whole show, he/she was supposed to have a – potentially subconscious – view of what ‘Sport’ are today.