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Peter Benz



Nihon @ ISEA

Exhibition of Student work during the ISEA 2002 (Nihon exhibition-series, part I)

The students from the Nihon project group showed the pieces they had developed at home in an exhibition within a programme associated with the ISEA 2002 at the Gallery Plannet in Nagoya.

From 27–31 October 2002 were on show video animations, photo works, and interactive installations prepared by the students during the Nihon course. All projects had in common, that they needed to be easy to transport and simple to set up as well as had to work without language.

The show proved to be rather successful – in number of visitors as well as in terms of visitor feedback. The project-idea – to communicate content through visual arts as medium – seemed to work.

Ryosuke Kobayashi, ed. Transit 2002. Nagoya: Nagoya Zokei University, 2003.