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Peter Benz




Architectural Exhibition shown in Frankfurt, Weimar, and Erfurt

The exhibition “KulturStadtBauen” was my experience being in charge of the design for an exhibition. It was prepared from October 1996 to June 1997 through the Ideenwerkstadt ’99, a design agency operated by Bauhaus-University Weimar. The exhibition was initially on show from 27 June to 1 August 1997 at Deutsches Architektur Museum, Frankfurt, Germany; subsequently it toured various further cities in Germany.

Weimar was going to be Cultural Capital of Europe in 1999. In preparation for this event the city of Weimar decided to produce an exhibition showing the ongoing architectural developments leading up to the event. 19 projects in Weimar were selected as examples for different architectural approaches towards a new city, and presented in a travelling exhibition promoting the ‘Mythos Weimar’.

To accommodate the different settings at the various exhibition venues, the exhibition design needed to be rather adaptable. Accordingly, each of the 19 projects was represented by two pieces of furniture: a desk and a slightly lower table. Depending on the available content for the projects, the desk supplied a folder with plans, pictures and/or texts, while the table carried physical models of the buildings – if any. In addition to the furniture each location was represented by a large-size picture banner, which – depending on the venue – either hung from the wall or from the ceiling.

Jörg Brauns, and Gerd Zimmermann, eds. KulturStadtBauen. Weimar: Universitätsverlag, 1997.