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Karakuri Art

Exhibition (Associated event of the EXPO 2005) from 19 to 25 September 2005 at Yada-Gallery, Nagoya, Japan

As part of the broader culture programme associated with the Expo 2005 in Aichi a group of international art schools – Bauhaus-University Weimar, Nagoya Zokei University, Carnegie Mellon University from Pittsburgh, Academia Minerva from Groningen, and Concordia University Montreal – organised the exhibition ‘Karakuri Art’ from 19 to 25 September 2005 at Yada-Gallery in Nagoya’s city center.

Karakuri are mechanized puppets or automata from Japan, i.e. an early form of sociable robots, that move by some kind of mechanism or system. The term ‘karakuri’ describes a mechanical device to tease, trick, or take a person by surprise.

On show were about 40 pieces by students of all participating institutions, marking different interpretations of the classic karakuri idea. The works ranged from interactive media-installations to traditional oil-paintings.

Philipp Strasser, a student from Bauhaus-University, won the category ‘Modern’ of the World Karakuri Contest with his karakuri during a live-TV-show broadcasted from the Expo-Hall.

Hirabayashi Kaoru (ed.). Karakuri Art. Nagoya: Nagoya Zokei University, 2006.

Exhibitions shots from the student Karakuri Art exhibition at Yada Gallery: