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Peter Benz



In a Flower Garden

Design of the Hoarding for the Construction Site of HKBU’s new School of Communication and Academy of Visual Arts Building

From 2008 to 2011, HKBU was constructing a new building close to the existing Kowloon Tong-campus that was to become the home of AVA after June 2012. It therefore came quite naturally for HKBU’s Estates Office to request AVA to make a proposal for the graphic design of the hoarding surrounding the construction site.

The intention of the proposed design was to express our anticipation of the new building through joyful graphics, that picked up on AVA’s house colours and thereby subtly took possession of the site in advance. As the new building was intended to be surrounded by a public garden the hoarding visually foreclosed the future, while strongly contrasting the very industrial character of the concurrent state of the site.