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Peter Benz



VA3120 Experimental Spatial Design

Studio Course for BA (Hons) in Visual Arts

VA3120 Experimental Spatial Design was offered as an elective in the BA (Hons) in Visual Arts programme of the Academy of Visual Arts, HKBU from 2007 to 2012.

Extract from the course syllabus:
“This course intends to offer a more experimental, potentially also more artistic approach to concepts of using space as a creative medium. It incorporates ideas and approaches from disciplines such as scenography, event-design, and a selection of marketing-strategies to create spatial narratives for settings and environments. These narratives may include techniques and approaches from a variety of different disciplines, such as interior design, furniture design, graphic design, or AV-media. By integrating all these disciplines into one comprehensive design a well-done example of experimental spatial design will in itself become a coherent artistic experience.”

Selected student work from the course: