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DAF: Exhibition

Project & Exhibition (DAF exhibition-series, part II)

After returning from the US, the DAF students used their travel experiences to develop reflective creative projects. Those were exhibited from 8 to 11 July 2004 at E-Werk, Weimar, Germany.

After returning from the USA, the participants of the DAF-field trip visualised their travel-experiences in small documentaries, mostly as short videos, but also some as photo-essays, or little booklets. These pieces were exhibited in a first small exhibition in the lobby of the Media Faculty building.

In a second step the students then developed larger creative projects, in which they reflected their personal relation with the USA based on the intensive confrontation with the country, its culture and people over the last half year. As results we got works in print, photography, video and fashion.

Together all these pieces were shown in an exhibition at the E-Werk, one of the most attractive alternative venues in Weimar. The idea was to confront the German public with a collective picture of the United States based on personal experiences. It unmasked the prejudices and clichés common especially at the height of the ‘War against Terror’. In doing so, the exhibitions also reflected back on ourselves and eventually opened the possibility of a better mutual understanding.

Exhibition shots from the E-Werk Weimar: