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Peter Benz




Spatial Installation for the e-team from 26 November 2004 to 9 January 2005 at the Neue Museum, Weimar, Germany

For the exhibition of the Marion-Ermer-Award 2004 – an annual award for emerging artists – the e-team, an artist group from New York City, wanted a bridge to cross about 15 meters through one of the museum’s halls, to allow the audience a new perception of an otherwise common space by raising the visitors almost 2.50 meters above the usual walking level.

However, building regulations as well as conservation wouldn’t allow high tonnage on the floor or to be hung from the walls or ceiling. On top of that, the bridge needed to be set up within only two days, yet was still supposed to be able to carry about 20 people at a time.

As a solution, standard plastic beer crates were used for the basic construction of the bridge, which are light, easy to handle and rather resistant. They were piled up to the required height and the individual pillars connected by equally standardized pedestrian plank ways. The resulting bridge proved to own a rather spectacular sculptural quality that positively dominated the museum space.

Marion Ermer Stiftung, ed. Marion Ermer Preis 2004. Weimar: Universitätsverlag, 2004.

Installation shots from the Neues Museum Weimar (2004):