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Peter Benz
Peter Benz



Weblog on Digital Tools and Resources for Remote Studio Teaching

In the early months of 2020, the lock-downs resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic forced many academics and teachers first in Asia, then around the world to quite suddenly change their classes, assignments and assessments in practical creative studio disciplines to be delivered in “online mode”.

Already in the early days of the crisis I began scouting various online platforms, forums and groups for resources, tools, best practices and guidelines as discussed, reviewed and used by studio teachers from all over the world and began publishing them on the weblog to help record and disseminate the information.

Even after the immediate Corona virus crisis with its demand for “social distancing” will be resolved, the experiences had and the things learnt from them will not go away again. As the situation develops and changes, this site is intended as an open access information resource and repository of practices to inform and shape future online teaching in the visual arts, as many of the new practices and experiences developing these days are certainly worth retaining beyond the current crisis.

Eventually, maybe may develop into an online academic/professional platform for the interdisciplinary exploration of theories and practices of distant teaching and learning in the visual arts.

We will see…