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Peter Benz
Peter Benz



Nihon Revisited

Study Project & Exhibition (Nihon exhibition-series, part II)

Preparation: November 2002–April 2003
On show: 6–18 April 2003 at M18, Weimar, Germany

In a final step, after our return back to Germany the Nihon-participants further developed their previous pieces shown in Nihon@ISEA: On the basis of their experiences in Japan, they reconsidered their earlier approaches and created works to reflect their newly gained views.

Surprisingly, it appeared that the encounter with the highly technological Japanese society sparked of a reflex towards more traditional crafts. Most new developments resulted in photo and silk screen prints or even in paintings – rather unusual for the Media Faculty. If indeed new media were applied, the resulting outcomes also showed a tendency to low-tech animation etc.

Finally, all works of the entire project were brought together in an exhibition displaying our Japanese experiences. It served as a subtle expression of ideas and views about the other culture to a broader German public, without the use of theoretical texts etc.

Selected student works from ‘Nihon Revisited’: