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Nihon rebound @ Transit Unfolded 2004

Student Field Trip & Exhibition (Nihon exhibition-series, part III)

Transit 2004 was shown from 16 to 21 November 2004 at Toyota Municipal Museum of Art, Toyota, Japan. The project included a two weeks trip with 15 students from Bauhaus-University Weimar to Nagoya to collaboratively develop and setup the show.

As a result of the newly established collaboration with Nagoya Zokei University (NZU) during and after the Nihon-Project in 2002, Bauhaus-University was invited to participate in ‘Transit’, the annual student exhibition of NZU, in 2004 to be held at the Toyota Municipal Museum of Art.

In collaboration with Prof. Liz Bachhuber from Bauhaus-University’s Department of Fine Art, I put together a selection of student works:

One part of the show was made up of the results of the first Nihon-project. Those pieces were conceived in 2002 after a two-week student trip to Japan and were intended as statements about the experiences during that trip at the time. This was now the opportunity to bring back the pieces to their places of inception and to confront the Japanese public with the stranger’s view of Japan.

In a second part the Department of Fine Art showed a selection of student works that were matched with similar works by Japanese students.

By presenting works from different cultural backgrounds next to each other, thus making them comparable, the exhibition suggested mutualities and differences in subjects and artistic approaches. Doing so, the different realities of the artists became visualised. At the same time, this confrontation continued the institutional discourse about the possibilities of intercultural exchange via artistic media.

Ryosuke Kobayashi, ed. Transit Unfolded 2004. Nagoya: Nagoya Zokei University, 2005.

Selected exhibition shots at the Toyota Municipal Museum of Art (2004):